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What is Fantasy Sports?

Any fantasy sport is, in its essence, a game of skills where people can join a league of a selected sport with a team that they drafted themselves from available professional athletes. Thus, you can create your own dream team with the best players from any teams. Then, while the real players in the real world perform, based on their real scores, you also get points, and so on, until the season is over.

Fantasy sports games are usually a social game played between friends or co-workers. Altogether, you form a league, and every member of the league creates and drafts their own team. It also means that they can steal the star players you wanted in your team from you.

Probably, the main disadvantage of playing online fantasy sports is that in case of any both unlucky and unpredictable events, like injuries of the athletes, you are stuck with the team of your choice till the end of the season. Traditional season-long fantasy requires a high level of commitment, as well.

On the other note, playing fantasy sports online is not really about the money. Good for you if you win some, but that’s not the main reason for participating. Also, when choosing your draft team, you are limited by a salary cap—total money you can spend on the salaries of everyone in a team.

Daily online fantasy sports use a similar approach, but have condensed the season-long format by offering contests on daily matchups and games instead.

Why Choose No Halftime for Fantasy Sports?

Here on No Halftime we suggest you choose from hundreds of one-on-one fantasy matchups during the regular season and playoffs, depending in the sports.

No need to spend much time on drafting a team, or wait till the end of the season—you can get in on the action and play at any time! And with all your favorite players to choose from, the number of matchups is limitless.

So, why us?