Some caveats before we dive into the analysis. This fantasy sports market map is not designed to be 100% comprehensive. It’s more to understand all the different spaces within fantasy sports. I am biased toward the US fantasy sports market but do recognize the swift development in other markets which will be covered in more […]

St. Louis baseball

The World Series is the pinnacle of achievement for MLB teams. It is a measure of a franchise to consider their World Series record, and when you take a look at the history of the St. Louis Cardinals, their World Series record speaks for itself. In their time, the Cardinals have taken 11 World Series, […]

blue jays mlb

The Toronto area has had a long association with professional baseball, and a team from the city was mooted as a major league prospect as early as the tail end of the 19th century. Despite this early interest, Toronto had to wait a little bit longer for a major league debut; almost a century in […]