2018 nba draft

The 2018 NBA Draft was filled with excitement for all the talented rookies entering their professional careers and hope for all teams looking to add that one player who could help them beat the Warriors (good luck with that). Let’s talk about the top 3 headlines from the 2018 NBA Draft!
  1. 76ers are ICE COLD

As if claims that your former President of Basketball Operations had Twitter burner accounts and was leaking all types of private info to social media wasn’t enough. The 76ers have now proved to have ice boxes where their hearts used to be. Straight out of a feel good Disney movie the 76ers drafted Mikal Bridges, who’s mom Tyneeha Rivers works as Vice President of Human Resources for them. It was an awesome moment between a mother, her son, a city and everyone watching from home.

That is until the 76ers organization decided they were going to flip the script and make this awkward for everyone. The Sixers traded Mikal Bridges to the Phoenix Suns not long after they warmed our hearts. Social media went crazy when the news broke with hilarious tweets like these.

Good luck in Phoenix Mikal and thanks for nothing Sixers 😒.

  1. Family Holiday

Aaron Holiday was picked 23rd by the Indiana Pacers which if the story ended there would it would be badass. Crazy enough this story gets better because Aaron is now joining his TWO brothers who already play in the NBA! Jrue Holiday is the starting PG in New Orleans and Justin Holiday who plays in Chicago.

It’s safe to say mom and dad Holiday have the “secret sauce”.

  1. The Draft Slide

Michael Porter Jr. was once considered a Top 3 NBA draft pick, but on draft day he slid. He fell #14 to the Denver Nuggets so he still has Aaron Rodgers beat which has to count for something. MPJ hurt his back this past season in college and his draft stock took a hit. Nobody doubts his talent but some teams did fear the long term outlook on how the back would hold up.

What’s your take #NoHalftimeSquad – do you think @mpj is the best player entering the #nbadraft or do you like another prospect more? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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While some Knicks fans cried as they watched their team pass on Michael Porter Jr. and instead take Kevin Knox out of Kentucky. The Nuggets organization and fans will now play wait and see with MPJ. Will the 13 teams who passed on him ultimately end up regretting it as he becomes the superstar many predicted before the injury? It’s possible. By the way Knicks fans…for sure RELAX.

Written by: Neal Maligno

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