3 reasons why demarcus cousins

DeMarcus Cousins signed with the Golden State Warriors and broke the internet. Every NBA fan (besides Warrior fans) sounded off on the free agency move that shook the sport. As if the Warriors needed an all-star to fill their need at center after JaVale McGee split to the Lakers to play with LeBron James. So here we are, the reigning champs will have 5 all-stars on their team for the 2018/2019 season as they look to impose their will against the teams forming against them. While many are calling the Warriors “cheaters” or are claiming “the NBA is rigged”, Boogie’s success with Golden State is not actually a sure thing. Let’s break down the top 3 reasons why Boogie Cousins could flop on his new team.

1. Rebound from Achilles tear

Many medical experts will tell you that an Achilles tear is one of the worst injuries an athlete can experience. Of course players have injured their Achilles before and returned to the sport but it’s never a sure thing. SB Nation writer Tim Cato did a great breakdown on the injury and how players have performed upon their return. All the research points to the Achilles injury being one of major concern and one that Boogie may not return from 100%. We certainly hope this is not the case and honestly even an 80% Boogie is better than most players in the league so let’s hope the rehab is completed with flying colors.

3 reasons why demarcus cousins signing might not work

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2. Team Chemistry

One of the strongest assets the Warriors organization has is it’s team chemistry. Curry, Durant, Klay and Draymond have held the team together by being selfless and full-time team players. Not one member on the team cares about individual stats and always fights for his teammates. Even Draymond Green who’s had his fair share of personal fouls is always about team first. DeMarcus Cousins has had no issue piling up technical fouls on his way to all-star seasons. He’s even had issues with the Warriors in the past, once famously saying “F*ck Golden State!”. The Warriors have one of the strongest locker rooms in the NBA and the players seem happy with Boogie. Nonetheless, chemistry is a big factor when it comes to team success and this one is worth noting.

3. One Ball, 5 All-Stars

The Warriors now have 5 all-stars on their opening day roster. The question now is, how do you spread the wealth? We’ve seen teams like the Heat and Warriors have success with 3 or 4 players who were all-stars, but throw in a 5th and maybe it becomes an issue. At the very least guys will continue to have to sacrifice their own game and stat totals to make it work. History shows that this has worked for the Warriors as they’ve proven they enjoy championship rings over individual accomplishments.

In a perfect world throwing Boogie into the starting lineup is no big deal and all 5 players are fine sacrificing for the team goal. Yet in reality he’s also on a one-year prove it contract and clearly next year would love to get something for more years and a whole lot more money attached to it. Will Boogie be able to achieve his next lucrative contract if he plays nice all season and his numbers take a dip?


DeMarcus Cousins could have a fantastic rehab where his Achilles is never a factor again. He could also get along great with his teammates, sacrifice his stats and disregard the value of his next contract. All things could play out exactly how the Warriors and Boogie have planned it, or, the 2018/2019 season could say…..

“F*ck Golden State”.

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