fantasy football 2018 undervalued

Each season a new set of players in fantasy football emerge. The key to having success in fantasy football and ultimately winning is by finding an advantage over your league mates. There are many reasons why fantasy users fall short of their goal and we’ll discuss all of them in-depth on a future article. For today, we’ll stick to four players I love for the upcoming season that I’m buying everywhere I get the chance.

The four players are Marlon Mack, Chris Godwin, Jake Butt and Tarik Cohen as seen below.

fantasy football 2018 undervalued

Quick notes on each player and why I’m buying at current their value. Keep in mind the value on each player varies depending on your league setup, style of league and other factors:

Marlon Mack – I’m all in on Marlon Mack in both redraft and dynasty leagues. Many fantasy players are still not sold on Marlon being the main man in Indy, but I am. For starters, he played well last season as a rookie alongside Frank Gore. With the veteran RB out of the way, all that’s stopping Mack now is a couple of rookies and more importantly himself. Some believe Nyheim Hines is the RB to own for the Colts, I do like him, but the shiny new toy effect is getting the best of people here. Grab Mack in your drafts and never look back.

Chris Godwin – I can hear your concerns already, “but Jameis Winston is suspended”, “but Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson, Howard and Brate are going to get lots of touches”, etc. etc. etc. Honestly these are fair points being made and I’m sure you have a couple more but I’m not buying it. Talented players always find their way into touches and opportunity and Godwin will do just that. He ended last season on a high note and by the end of the 2018/2019 season he’ll be playing ahead of all Bucs WR’s not named Mike Evans. When buying Godwin in dynasty the cost is still cheap and in redraft you can grab him late.

Jake Butt – Now here is where I expect to lose some people who either don’t know who Jake Butt is, others who don’t care to know, and some that know him but want no piece of the Butt. If you’re in a 10 team redraft league that starts 1 TE and you can care less about Jake Butt then I get it. However, if you’re in any of the following: 2 TE league, dynasty league, bonus points to TE’s, or a deep roster league with multiple flex spots then you should care. If for no other reason than the fact that I feel strongly that Jake Butt will be the starting TE in Denver and they plan to use him. All reports point towards the Broncos loving Jake’s playmaking ability and I believe Keenum will lean on him. I like Jake Butt and I cannot lie!

Tarik Cohen – Here’s why Tarik’s stock is rising this upcoming season and you’ll need to buy now before it skyrockets. 1. New offense-minded head coach who’s had success with players of Tarik’s skill-set. 2. His QB Trubisky is on the rise and Tarik will benefit from his improvement. 3. New weapons in Chicago will free up Tarik by making him less of a focus for the opposing defense. 4. Jordan Howard is the bell-cow but Cohen will be the perfect change of pace back to provide it. I can keep going but what’s the point? Tarik Cohen clearly has a ton of upside in his game and you want guys like him on your roster. Like the 3 players mentioned before him, good value gives you no reason not to be a buyer.

I expect these players to catch fire during the 2018/2019 season and I don’t want you to miss out. You can wait if you want, just be ready to pay the cost when their values are on fire. Feel free to message us on social media to further discuss/debate. Tune into the ‘No Halftime Podcast’ for more fantasy football advice and perspective!

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