After last night’s defeat to the Spurs, the Warriors have gone 2-5 since Kevin Durant’s injury. This includes the Wizards game where he lasted a mere two minutes. It’s not his fault as injuries do occur and superstars aren’t safeguarded against them.

After trading for Durant last year, it was assumed that the Warriors bench would be weakened. Many experts thoughts it would be impossible to sign Durant while keeping their rotation at similar strength as last year’s record breaking team that won 73 regular games. To date, their bench is performing better than last season’s team. Bleacher Report’s Metric 101 gave a great overview on the top benches in the NBA through February. They ranked the Warriors sixth. But is a shortened rotation and depth issues wearing the starters out and will they have enough in the tank to compete against the Spurs and Rockets in the playoffs?

That same Bleacher Report article ranked the Spurs and Rockets first and fourth respectively. The Spurs historically always have a top-ranked bench and players are always well-rested for any potential deep runs in the playoffs. With Durant injured, and three more games against these teams, the Warriors find themselves looking at the second seed out West. This would mean they would potentially have to go through a Thunder team looking for blood and vengeance, a Rockets team out to prove they belong and a Spurs team looking to add to their legacy sans soon-to-be Hall a Famer, Tim Duncan. Which team would want to play a fully healthy Spurs team, with home court advantage, in the conference finals?

It’s too early to say the Kevin Durant signing has negatively affected the Warriors as when he’s in the lineup they field the best starting five. But his injury certainly has them re-evaluating their strategy. This season could be reminiscent to Lebron’s first season with the Heat when they played well but fell short to the Mavericks. The Warriors are tired, and Steve Kerr knows it. They’ll have to be fully charged if they’ll get out of the West.