LeBron James Los Angeles Mural

LeBron James Los Angeles Mural Removed

Artist Jonas Never (@never1959) painted a bad ass mural of LeBron James in Los Angeles. The only problem with the painting is that it’s no longer there. That’s because the artist himself has decided to paint over it after constant vandalism. Sports fans are some of the most passionate people walking the earth, but passion used to destroy someones art is going too far. Here is the video of the most recent vandalism that triggered the artist to get rid of the artwork completely.

The first time the art was vandalized the artist fixed it and even made adjustments to keep everyone happy. Nobody knows who’s damaging the LeBron James art or why. Some have mentioned that it’s LA residents who aren’t fans of LeBron, or those who didn’t like that it originally read “King of LA”. Others have joked (even the artist himself) that Lakers great Kobe Bryant himself is destroying the mural.

Sports fans are some of the most passionate, amazing, cool people you’ll ever meet. Incidents like these are brutal reminders that some sports fans also flat out suck.

R.I.P. dope artwork!

Pretty damn sad that it got to this point. @never1959 had to paint over his artwork because people kept vandalizing it. We need to do better 😒

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