LeBron James signs with the Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James signs with the Los Angeles Lakers

Are you surprised? We discussed the idea of LeBron joining the Lakers on our podcast as things have been heating up between the two since the finals ended. Los Angeles is now looking to build a team around LeBron James that can dethrone Curry and the Warriors as if they were Cersei Lannister and the Kings Guard.

It’s official: LABron is a Laker! — Time to seal that legacy! The West just got a whole lot hotter!!! — image by @timhedits

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There are so many questions to ask now:

  • What will this do for LeBron’s legacy?
  • Does signing and ultimately winning with the Lakers help cement how the basketball world views one of the greatest to ever put on a jersey?
  • If he had stayed in Cleveland would it have changed anything?  
  • Did LeBron not believe that CLE could put a winning team around him?
  • Does the Lakers jersey have a stronger impact on legacy than the Cavaliers jersey?

We could argue these questions all day (which we’ll do on the podcast), still any answer to them is merely an opinion. I will say this however, going to Los Angeles was not about sponsorship’s or acting gigs or anything of that nature. Let’s face it, LeBron has those opportunities whether he plays in the purple and gold or not. It’s the same reason many NBA fans around the globe now consider themselves “LeBron fans” before they ever attach themselves to a franchise. The Lakers have always been a popular franchise, but today they added a whole new fan base aka the Lebronies. Living in South Florida during the Miami Heat / LeBron run, I can assure you that your in for a treat.

Whether your pulling for them or not, it’ll be exciting and interesting to see exactly what these new Lakers will accomplish. Will they win multiple championships like LeBron did in Miami? Will they win only one like he did in Cleveland? Maybe, just maybe…those Warriors up in Golden State may turn this into the NBA version of the Red Wedding. No matter how you slice it, things just got a whole lot more wild in the West.

Eastern Conference rejoice!

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