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The New York Mets have had an interesting history, to put it kindly. Mets fans are known for their long-suffering nature, and willingness to put up with what some would call endearing ineptitude. All the same, there have flashes of brilliance and spells of success. This season? Things are not going so great. But you can be sure the fans will keep showing up, keep cheering and keep believing.

The First Season

One of the very first expansion teams, formed to try and replace the Giants and the Dodgers. These were big boots to fill, and the National League is a tough place. The franchise colors echo the old departed teams; blue for the Dodgers and orange for the Giants. A sort of sympathetic magic to conjure up the old glories. Did it work? Not initially, to say the least. In their first year of 1962, the Mets laid out a match history of 40-120, with two cancellations. Quite simply, the Mets ’62 record is the worst on the books, an all-time low since the change to 162-game seasons.

Their First World Series

The Mets’ first home, the Polo Grounds, hosted them for only two seasons; perhaps the shame was too great. For the next few years, as the team settled into home number 2, the Shea Stadium, the playing record continued to look atrocious. In fact, second to last was their best showing until 1969, for that was the year of the Miracle Mets. As far as unpredictable goes, for this expansion team to even make it to the playoffs was a miracle, but for them to actually win a World Series, versus the Baltimore Orioles? Some people still can’t believe it, but the Miracle was true.shea stadium new york mets

So, a World Series came to the Mets. And from that point, history was made, the Mets had a story, the Miracle as a backdrop. Against that backdrop, new sporting dramas were enacted. In 1973 came another World Series, this time opposed by the Oakland Athletics. The Mets lost, but they were competing! A third World Series in 1986 resulted in a second triumph, the Mets besting the Red Sox. There followed something of a playoff drought but two further appearances post-season did come; the turn of the Millennium say them lose to the Yankees, while 15 years later, the Mets finally came unstuck against the Kansas City Royals.

Reeling In the Years

During all this time, Shea Stadium had proved a worthy home, playing host to many memories, so when the time came to move, fans and franchise alike were sad to see the old ground go. But the 2009 move to Citi Field had proved necessary and unavoidable for a complexity of reasons, and the new ballpark has proven more than fit for the 21st-century demands of the Mets.

2017 so far has been a challenge for the franchise, and the results have been underwhelming. But with the Mets, history teaches us that baseball miracles can and do happen. Will 2017 see a return of the Miracle Mets? It’ll be fascinating finding out!

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