nfl fantasy football cheerleader

The NFL Fantasy season is upon us which means football with No Halftime is back! It’s important to understand that everyone plays fantasy football for different reasons. We’ll discuss why the game is exciting, some tips for in-season leagues and what makes No Halftime a unique and fun challenge for those who can’t get enough of it.

NFL Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football allows us to connect our love for the NFL through social, financial, and competitive means. In other words, there are levels to this game and the community just continues to grow. Many play fantasy football with family, friends and co-workers, which is the easiest form of the game to enjoy. Some play in free leagues while others turn it up a notch by playing for money. There’s also a growing group of people who compete in NFL fantasy and daily fantasy sports as a side hustle or career.

For those playing in family and work leagues, gaining a competitive advantage can require less work. Typically your opponents are playing for fun and bragging rights, or maybe a smaller prize pool. With likely little or no investment, they are passively following along as they watch NFL games on Sunday, while taking shots back and forth with you in your group chat. That’s not to say all leagues are this way, many can require you to consume NFL content all season long in order for you to be crowned champ at the end of the season. Websites and podcasts have sprung up all over to provide the data and advice you’ll need assistance from.

Daily Fantasy Sports

When in-season leagues aren’t enough to quench you fantasy thirst, players turn to daily fantasy sports. Here is where players hope for lotto like wins in gigantic tournaments or play in smaller competitions where the prize pools can really add up. DFS is a unique world within itself, as your in-season league experience doesn’t mean much there. You compete against the sharpest minds and the NFL diehards who stop at nothing for a competitive advantage. Here’s where content is king, as the more information, advice and insight you digest certainly helps. Investing your own time and money here is necessary if you want to be successful.

As you can see, there’s no right or wrong way to play the game we all love. Whether the goal is bonding with a group of people, or chasing life changing prize money, the results are always the same. It’s that thrilling and rewarding experience with our friends and fellow football lovers that keeps us coming back week after week.

No Halftime

Which brings me to No Halftime, a DFS app that brings the best of both worlds that we’ve discussed today. The social aspect of in-season leagues combined with the financial rewards of daily fantasy sports. No Halftime gives you the ability to create challenges no matter your skill level or intensity. Want to play for bragging rights with your group of friends or co-workers? How about the guy at the bar or won’t stop talking like he knows everything about football? Got the skills to make some extra cash? No Halftime has you covered no matter the level you want to play at. Play No Halftime NFL fantasy football today!