What is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Recently, daily fantasy games (DFS) have gained major popularity between those who enjoy playing fantasy sports in general. This is a variation of season-long fantasy sports. In classical version, players get to create their own teams comprised of professional athletes performing in real life. Based on their statistics along the season, players get points and whoever has the largest amount wins the whole season.

Traditional fantasy games can take several months until the season ends to determine a winner. With one day fantasy sports, there is no long wait as participants can enter contests and receive a result at the end of each day.

What Fantasy Sports I Can Play?

We suggest you chose one of these four:

Beyond these four primary sports, DFS has expanded to include a number of secondary sports as well.

  • Golf

  • Soccer

  • Auto racing

  • Mixed martial arts

  • eSports

How is Daily Fantasy Different?

The main difference between DFS and classical, season-long contests is that you get to join a daily fantasy league and then draft a team for playing only for one day or—like in case for the NFL—for a week only. How is it more fun that season-long? One day fantasy sports can be played against many people—and we talk about numbers like hundreds of thousands! It gives you the opportunity to win more money. Whereas a season-long is usually a game played among friends or colleagues, in DFS, you can contest with pretty much anyone, winning thousands and even millions of dollars!

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal?

A short answer is “Yes” but you need to take into account some factors. The legality of DFS is a complicated issue because it varies depending on the state you live in. The entire industry is ruled by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (2006), and under its regulations DFS is a game of skills, totally legal. Some attorneys do not agree, though. For that reason, in states such as Iowa, Arizona, Washington, Louisiana, and Montana playing daily fantasy is considered illegal gambling.

Why Choose No Halftime for Daily Fantasy?

  • Fast and easy one-on-one fantasy matchups between two users.
  • No drafts or salary caps. The player who earns the most fantasy points in their game wins the matchup.
  • No season-long commitments. Play daily or weekly challenges and get paid as soon as the contest is complete.