Daily Baseball Fantasy Leagues On No Halftime

Daily baseball fantasy is a spin on a traditional, season-long fantasy baseball. Rather than carefully selecting the whole team for the entire season and joining a league, one can just play for a single day and get their cash prize same evening. For one day baseball fantasy, one gets to draft their players for a single contest over one day. Usually, two, four, or six people can participate in one competition.

How to Play Daily Fantasy Baseball

Play challenges for real money.

Taking part in a challenge on No Halftime is fast and easy. Select any two players you want—say, Chris Sale vs Corey Kluber, Kris Bryant vs Mike Trout, or Jake Arrieta vs Clayton Kershaw—and you’re in! The person who earns more fantasy point wins the challenge.

Wanna except other players’ challenges? Look through the challenges available. Swipe right to accept, or left to decline.

Entry fees vary from $5 to $100.

Follow scoring right in the app! As the players put up points in real-time game, your fantasy points are earned based on their accumulated stats.

Who Do I Play?

Join any public one day fantasy baseball league available on No Halftime and play with other fans all over the world! Start playing by choosing two out of all world’s best professional baseball players.

Is Daily Baseball Fantasy Legal?

Absolutely yes! DFS is regulated by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act which makes an exemption for fantasy sports. However, not all States agree on the definition of a ‘game of skills’, thus if you live in any of these states: Montana, Louisiana, Washington, Iowa, or Arizona – sorry, bro, but your local politicians have qualified DFS as ‘illegal gambling’.

Why should I choose DFS on Halftime?

Well, there are three reasons:

  1. One day baseball fantasy gives you a chance to start playing when you feel playing and finish whenever you’re done. No need to be committed for the entire season.
  2. Real cash prizes! Pick up your prize same night.
  3. We don’t have draft or salary caps limits.