Daily Fantasy Basketball on No Halftime

No Halftime offers thousands of one-on-one fantasy matchups during the NBA regular season and playoffs. With no drafts, salary caps, or season-long commitments, you can get in on the action and play at any time. And with all your favorite NBA players to choose from, the number of matchups is limitless.

How to Play Daily Basketball Fantasy

View all challenges available at the moment right in the application.

If you want to accept a matchup, swipe right. If you don’t, swipe left.

No challenges you like? Not a problem. Create your own contest by selecting two players from any teams, like Russell Westbrook vs Stephen Curry, DeMarcus Cousins vs Karl-Anthony Towns, or DeMar DeRozan vs James Harden.

Win a cash prize same night! We offer a variety of matchups from only $5 entry fee and up to $100.

Who Do I Play?

No Halftime offers you to take part in a variety of peer-to-peer matchups. When one person creates a challenge, all registered users of the app see it and can either accept or decline.

Is Daily Basketball Fantasy Legal?

DFS are safe and legal to play in the United States, it is not illegal gambling according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Unfortunately, some states have their own laws that prohibit DFS: you cannot play daily fantasy hockey in any of these states: Louisiana, Iowa, Washington, Montana, and Arizona.

Advances of daily fantasy against season-long

One day basketball fantasy is an accelerated version of a season-long classical fantasy. The contest takes only one day, so at the same night you receive your money prize. You can play directly against other users, which gives a chance to win more!

Why us?

You will like playing one day basketball fantasy on No Halftime app if you like to take part in matchups against another person. Whoever gets more fantasy points wins the challenge. We don’t have salary caps or drafts. And last thing, you don’t have to stay committed for the entire season, feel free to play whenever you want!