Daily Fantasy Football Leagues On No Halftime

The idea behind one day football fantasy is that you can try yourself as a general manager of a team. You have to choose real football players to draft your own team roster. Depending on how well the real players perform, you achieve points in the daily fantasy.

How to Play Daily Football Fantasy

Create or accept challenges in just a few seconds.

Creating a challenge in the app is easy. Just select two players from two different games, for example, Tom Brady vs Aaron Rodgers, or Le’Veon Bell vs Ezekiel Elliott. In each matchup, the player who earns the most fantasy points wins the challenge.

Looking for challenges to accept instead? Browse through available challenges in the app by swiping left or right on the cards. Swipe left to decline or swipe right to accept another user’s challenge.

Play challenges for real money.

Challenge entries start at just $5 and go up to $100.

Follow your live challenges.

As your players score and put up points in their real-life game, they’ll earn their fantasy points based on the real-life accumulated stats. Follow the scoring right in the No Halftime app.

Who Do You Play?

No Halftime offers peer-to-peer fantasy matchups. When users create a challenge, it is available for all registered users of the app to view and accept/decline.

Is It Legal?

Yes! The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act created a specific carve-out for fantasy sports. It is legal in most states with the exception of Arizona, Iowa, Washington, Louisiana and Montana.

How is Daily Fantasy Different?

The main difference between daily fantasy football league and classical contests is that on DFS you get to draft a team for a contest that is limited by a week or a day. You don’t have to wait till the end of the season, you can play practically with anyone, and the money you can win can be thousands, or even millions, of dollars!

Why No Halftime?

  • Fast and easy one-on-one fantasy matchups between two users.
  • No drafts or salary caps.
  • No season-long commitments.