What Is Daily Hockey Fantasy?

Daily fantasy hockey is on trend now. Whereas for classical version of fantasy hockey, one has to pick players for the team for the entire season, and then wait until the real season is over, one day hockey fantasy gives you much more freedom. With a lower entrance fee but no salary cap, you can choose peer-to-peer challenges to play between two world star athletes. Typically, one can join several different leagues: Points Rotisserie, and Express.

How to Play Daily NHL Fantasy

  • Swipe your way through all challenges available in the app—right to accept, and left to decline.
  • Wanna create your own challenge? It’s simple and fast. Choose two players from any real-life teams for your matchup and you’re all done. For example, Brent Burns vs Alex Ovechkin, Connor McDavid vs Sidney Crosby, or Carey Price vs Matt Murray. The winner of the matchup is the person with most fantasy points.

Win real money!

  • We offer hundreds of challenges available every day that meet all sorts of budgets.
  • Challenge entries start at just $5 and go up to $100.
  • Follow the scoring right for your live challenges in the No Halftime app.

Who Do You Play?

On No Halftime you can take part in peer-to-peer matchups. As soon as somebody creates a challenge, all registered users of the app see it and can either accept or decline.

Is Daily Hockey Fantasy Legal?

The legality of daily fantasy sports has been (and still is) a complicated issue, but a simple answer to that question is “Sure thing!” The main reason to say so is that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 carved out fantasy sports as being ‘a game of skills’ not illegal gambling. However, the governments of the some states have their own opinion. Sorry to say that but you cannot play daily fantasy hockey in Louisiana, Iowa, Washington, Montana, and Arizona.

Why us?

  • Two-user matchups
  • No salary caps
  • No drafts
  • No commitments for the season