What Is A Fantasy Sports League?

A fantasy sports leagues is a game of skill where you draft a team of your own choice by selecting real-life sportsmen. While they play, they put up scores that are your fantasy points. The user who gets more fantasy points will win the whole matchup or game.

Leagues can be privately played among a group of friends, or—like for most daily FS—publicly, so that anyone can join and win a cash prize!

What Are The Costs?

Contest entry fees on No Halftime start at $5 and go up to $100. Users can create or accept challenges in the amounts of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50, $75, or $100.

How Much Can I Win?

The winner of each No Halftime contest receives the total challenge value (i.e. pot) minus a 10% fee. In the case of two users participating in a $50 challenge, for example, the total pot or challenge value is $100. The winner of the contest receives $90.

Who Do You Play?

Unlike traditional FS, you don’t play against your friends—all fantasy money leagues are public, meaning anyone can play it.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports For Money Legal?

Fantasy sports are completely legal to play in the States and Canada (if you are not under 18, though). However, several states have their own local regulations that forbid DFS as gambling. Check them out:

Montana, Louisiana, Arizona, Iowa, and Washington.

Why Choose Nohalftime.Com To Play Fantasy Leagues For Money?

Here on No Halftime anybody can choose a matchup to play with another user for any budget. Taking part in them is easy and fast.

We don’t have drafts and salary caps. The person who earns more fantasy points wins the matchup.

You don’t have to be committed for the whole season. You accept challenges for a day or a week and get your money right after the end of the contest.