Fantasy Football League on No Halftime

Playing fantasy football for money online has become very popular lately. Daily, on No Halftime one can find thousands of matchups to take part in, for any taste and any budget! For one day or one week, you can try to be a manager of a team. Make a draft and watch your players putting up points for you to win the cash prize!

How Much Can I Win?

The amount of your prize depends on the value of the challenge itself. Total value of the challenge depends, in its turn, on the number of people playing. The company takes 10% fee from every prize, so it’s as simple as that: if two people play a $50 contest, the winner takes home $90.

How to Participate in Fantasy NFL Paid Leagues?

If you’re interested in betting fantasy football games, you will like No Halftime. We have the limitless number of challenges. Select from all your favorite professional athletes from any teams all over the world! Drafting a roster is totally up to you.

Join a league, and swipe left until you find a matchup that you want to participate (then swipe right, and accept it) or create a contest of your own. The contest ends right when the real-time game ends, and you are paid right away.

Who Do You Play?

In fantasy football money leagues, you play against other users of the No Halftime application.

Why Choose No Halftime for Fantasy Football?

No Halftime will offer thousands of matchups and contests of all sorts. But all they have something in common:

  • No need to commit for the season
  • No salary caps or drafts
  • Quick contests—a day or a week
  • Easy to play—just download the app and start accepting challenges
  • Peer-to-peer games