Fantasy Golf Games For Money on No Halftime

Playing fantasy golf games is on trend! Every day, on No Halftime you will find hundreds of various matchups, for any budget! Enter a contest, quickly draft the perfect lineup and win!

How Much Can You Win?

Your prize is the pot minus ten percent fee for the company. So, it is, say, a $5 challenge for two players, the pot is $10 and one dollar is the fee. It means $9 belongs to the person whose athletes got more scores for the real teams.

How to Participate in Fantasy Golf Games?

Every day you get to choose from a variety of brand new contests to take part in. You can view all challenges in the app and if you see any you would like to play—swipe right in order to accept. Swiping left means decline and view the next available contest. You can take your cash prize as soon as the real-life golf game ends.

Who Do You Play?

Join a free golf league and play with other app users from all over the world!

If you can’t find any challenges that seem appealing to you, create your own and wait for others to join you.

Are Fantasy Golf Games For Money Legal?

Yes, they are legal. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act specifically carved the fantasy sports out but—sad news!—some states do not support this Act. Those are: Washington, Montana, Louisiana, Arizona, Iowa.

Why Choose No Halftime for Fantasy Golf?

  • No seasonal commitments, no drafts, no salary caps
  • Daily peer athletes challenges
  • Simple, fast, and enjoyable