Fantasy Hockey Leagues on No Halftime

No Halftime is the platform for playing fantasy hockey that’s powerful, fast, and easy. Get on board now! Here, you can find new matchups every day, starting with only five dollars!

How Much Can You Win?

The size of the cash prize is calculated depending on the value of the challenge. Usually, it’s the value of total pot minus 10% fee. But in some challenges there is more than one winner, because everyone with high score wins.

How to Participate in Fantasy Hockey Leagues?

Open the app and start swiping. To accept a contest, swipe right. To decline and view what else is on the offer—swipe left. Choose a contest that speaks to you and enjoy playing. No need to commit—you’ll get paid at the same night, after the real-life NHL game.

Who Do You Play?

To play, you need to join a public league. It means that you’re going to compete against the guys like you who are also users of No Halftime app. You can also create contests and wait until somebody accepts it.

Are Fantasy Hockey Games Legal?

Yes, totally! Current legislation qualifies daily hockey fantasy as a game of knowledge and skills, which makes it legal to play in most states of America, and Canada. However, you have to be over 18.

Why Choose No Halftime to Play Fantasy Hockey?

Here is why you should choose No Halftime to play your daily hockey contests

  • No commitment. Play for as long as you want and only when you want to.
  • Our contests don’t have salary caps, and long drafts.
  • Endless amount of challenges, refreshed daily