Is self-exclusion available?

Yes! Please visit for more details on our self-exclusion program.

So where do I go to create an account on No Halftime?

You must register for an account in the No Halftime app. Don’t worry, it only takes seconds to download the app and to register.

Can I register for multiple account on No Halftime?

We know it’s a great app, but you are only allowed one account.

How do I add a profile photo?

Adding a profile photo is as easy as 1-2-3. Just navigate to the settings tab in the app and click on the default image logo. Follow the prompts, and voila, your beautiful face is now in the No Halftime app. Now your friends can see your mug in the league, hey maybe wiping that smirk off your face will get them to accept your fantasy challenges.

How do I delete my account?

“Don’t go, we can change!”..sorry you are considering leaving the No Halftime family. Please let us know what we can do better to keep great users like yourself from wanting to delete their account. Now that we have stalled long enough, if you are still interested in deleting your account just email us.

Can I use No Halftime account on multiple devices?

Yes, the technical geniuses at No Halftime have allowed it so users can login from multiple mobile devices! So wherever you go, No Halftime goes! (sounds kind of creepy but it’s true).