FAQ – Challenges

Where can I find all my created and accepted challenges?

Click on the “Account” screen which is represented by a person icon. Once there you could filter to view the specific challenges you’re looking for.

How do I view historical information or live scoring?

Tap card, and it will expand. If the respective games haven’t started for the selected players, then you’ll see historical information from past games. If the game is live or in-progress, you’ll see live scoring.

How much time before game time can I create/accept challenges?

You can create/accept challenges up to 10 minutes before the game start time for any player or team involved in that respective game. So use your time wisely, get those challenges in and accepts the ones you want. Then spend the next 10 minutes admiring those challenges and thinking about what you are going to do with the money you win. New shoes, new watch, maybe a nice dinner, the possibilities are endless.

How do I know who is the home team and away team (@ and vs.)?

When creating a challenge or accepting a challenge, you’ll see @ and vs. immediately after the player/team name. The “@” means the player is playing in a road game for their team. The “vs.” means the player is in a home game for their team.

What can I create challenges on?

You can create challenges on overall fantasy points for individual players or athletes, and depending on the sport offenses and defenses. Click here to see how we calculate fantasy points based on real player statistics. For MLB, hitting statistics for pitchers will not be counted, and pitching statistics for hitters will not be counted.

What does it mean when I swipe Right on a challenge?

It means you think the player on the right side, who is marked with “You”, will outduel the player on the left. Simple right!? Now what are you waiting for, get to swiping!

What does it mean when I swipe Left on a challenge?

It means you think the player on the left side, who is marked with “Opponent”, will outduel the player on the right and you will not accept the challenge. I told you it was simple.

Why can’t I create challenges on players playing in the same week and same game?

Because that would be against the UIGEA 2006 rules. Selected players have to be playing in different games for the selected duration.

Why can’t I create challenges on players from the same team?

Based on UIGEA 2006, players must be playing in different games. If two players from the same team could play in different games in the same week, then someone has invented time travel!

Are there any limits to the number of challenges I can accept?

No. Accept challenges until your heart is satisfied.

How can I search for my favorite player in the mobile app?

We have made searching for your favorite players easy. Simply go into the setting tab and add your favorite player(s)/team(s). Now when you go to search for a player, your favorites will be right there for easy access.

When can I cancel a challenge I created?

Challenges can only be cancelled if it has not been accepted by another user and any applicable games have not begun.

Can I send challenges privately?

Yes. You can privately challenge individuals (via email or username) or leagues. On the create challenge screen, just look for the private button. Challenge away!

I accidentally swiped left on challenge, can I get it back?

Yes, the challenge’s stack takes about 24 hours to reset.

How do I save a challenge?

Come across an interesting challenge and don’t want to accept it right away? Maybe you want to grab a drink or take a walk before accepting challenge. You can save the challenge for action later by swiping down on the challenge card. The save challenge can be viewed in the Accounts view under “Saved”.