FAQ – General Questions

What is No Halftime?

No Halftime is a fantasy sports mobile app that allows you to create player vs player fantasy challenges against others using players or teams. For example, ODB vs Gronk or Trout vs Harper.

How is No Halftime different than traditional fantasy services?

On No Halftime, your line-up consists of one player, instead of multiple players.

Which sports and leagues can I create challenges on?

Currently we offer NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, ATP, NASCAR and PGA. If there’s a sport or league you’re interested in us having, let us know.

Where is Greyhound racing?

If you don’t see your favorite sport on No Halftime, you can make a request.

Can I connect my existing fantasy sports account (e.g. Yahoo, ESPN) to No Halftime?

At the moment no, but we are working diligently to allow users in future versions of the app to connect their existing fantasy sports accounts. Stay tuned, we have some cool ideas that you are going to love!

Is No Halftime legal?

Absolutely. No Halftime meets all the criteria outlined by UIGEA. Although, if you are resident of any of the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and Washington, you are not permitted to use our service.

What to do if you believe a minor is participating on No Halftime?

Please contact customer support or email us at fantasy@nohalftime.com.

No Halftime is awesome, are you guys on social media?

Follow us today on Twitter and Facebook.

Where could I find a list of app updates?

Stay tuned to our blog.

What’s the fee structure of No Halftime?

No Halftime takes a 10% fee from the total challenge value (i.e. pot). Example, if you and your friend participate in a challenge with $50 each, the pot would be $100. We’ll receive $10 once that challenge is settled.