FAQ – Leagues

What is a league?

The league, similar to your traditional fantasy league, is just a collection of you and friends (or people you hate, we won’t judge) who can easily share challenges. Only users in the league can see the league challenges.

Can leagues be public?

Yes, they can be. Join a league with friends or join a public league if you are really adventurous.

How could I create challenges only for my league?

When creating a challenge, select the private button and indicate the league you want the challenge to be shared to.

How can I modify (e.g. remove, add users) the league settings?

Only the league admin can remove users from the league by clicking on the gear icon. You can add members by sending invites via email to users. Users must have an account with No Halftime to join the league.

How many leagues can I participate in?

Join as many leagues as you want! It’s all you can eat here at No Halftime.

Where could I view how I’ve done in my league compared to others?

Navigate to the league page and click on Standings to view how you stack up against the competition.

Can I import league information from an external fantasy sports provider (e.g. Yahoo, ESPN)?


What are interests?

When creating a league, you can specify which sports the league will focus on. Your league is not restricted to creating challenges on just the selected interests but it helps other users understand the common interests of the league.