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The Toronto area has had a long association with professional baseball, and a team from the city was mooted as a major league prospect as early as the tail end of the 19th century. Despite this early interest, Toronto had to wait a little bit longer for a major league debut; almost a century in […]


Looking back on the ’57 West Coast exodus, some disgruntled fans- of the Dodgers and Giants both- detected something like a conspiracy. While the clandestine nature may have been imagined, there was a very real communication between Dodger’s top-man Walter O’Malley and his opposite number at the Giants, Horace Stoneham. The Giants were, like the […]

New York Giants

For many of today’s younger baseball fans, the Giants are only ever associated with San Francisco. But for many older fans, they will always remember the Giants from their East Coast days. The double exodus of the Dodgers and the Giants caused a good deal of controversy, but at the same time allowed one of […]