St. Louis baseball

The World Series is the pinnacle of achievement for MLB teams. It is a measure of a franchise to consider their World Series record, and when you take a look at the history of the St. Louis Cardinals, their World Series record speaks for itself. In their time, the Cardinals have taken 11 World Series, […]

blue jays mlb

The Toronto area has had a long association with professional baseball, and a team from the city was mooted as a major league prospect as early as the tail end of the 19th century. Despite this early interest, Toronto had to wait a little bit longer for a major league debut; almost a century in […]

new york mets

The New York Mets have had an interesting history, to put it kindly. Mets fans are known for their long-suffering nature, and willingness to put up with what some would call endearing ineptitude. All the same, there have flashes of brilliance and spells of success. This season? Things are not going so great. But you […]