What Is One Week Fantasy?

Traditional fantasy league is as long as the real life season. To overcome the disadvantage of being committed to the game for such a long period of time, you can join a weekly fantasy contest. It’s shorter and even more fun, because you can win more cash!

Play publicly in a free league or create a secret league to play with people you know—it’s totally up to you!

How Much Can I Win?

The winner of the contest will receive a cash prize worth the total pot (challenge value) minus ten percent (Company’s fee).

Who Do You Play?

You can accept, decline and create challenges to play with any user of No Halftime mobile app.

How To Participate In Weekly Fantasy Leagues?

Download the app, choose a sport, select a matchup and win real money! Don’t forget that you can create contests for others to accept.

Is It Legal?

It’s legal to play weekly fantasy sports in most of the United States, Some states, however, consider DFS as a sport betting, which is illegal gambling. (Louisiana, Arizona, Montana, Iowa, Washington). In any case, you have to be over 18.

Why Choose Nohalftime.Com To Play Fantasy Leagues?

  • No necessity to commit for the play season
  • No need to comply with the salary cap or make a draft
  • Thousands of new contests each week
  • Payment same night