What Is One Week Fantasy Football?

No Halftime offers a fun alternative to weekly fantasy football leagues in the form of player vs player challenges and compete for the real money prizes! Unlike classical fantasy football, weekly football is quicker and easier to play, which makes it more fun for less experienced fans. On the other side, payouts are bigger!

How Much Can I Win?

The winner of the 1 week fantasy football contest gets a cash prize. Its amount is worth the value of the total pot (i.e., challenge value) excluding ten percent of the Company’s fee.

Who Do You Play?

You can accept, decline and create challenges to play with any user of No Halftime mobile app.

How To Participate In Weekly Fantasy Football Leagues?

Download our mobile application and start playing! Choose your sport and join any league that you like. As soon as all games of the week are played in real life, all users will receive their fantasy points—FP are determined by total statistics of real athletes for that week. You can join a public league or create a non-public, secret league for your friends only.

Is It Legal?

Playing fantasy sports is 100% legal, however, weekly fantasy football can be a little be different. It mostly depends on what state you live in. Louisiana, Arizona, Washington, Iowa, and Montana consider DFS illegal gambling. Also, you have to be over 18. Don’t forget that your prizes are subject to tax!

Why Choose Nohalftime.Com To Play Fantasy Leagues?

  • Each week, we refresh the set of amazing weekly contests
  • No seasonal commitments required, it’s okay to play only for one week, and then quit
  • You’re not limited by salary caps or drafts
  • Payment is immediate as soon as the playing week is complete